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Young Living Products: 

Welcome to Young Living! As a Young Living distributor, I present high quality oils that I am confident will make a profound impact on your life!

Please inquire if you are interested in becoming a member, distributor, or simply purchasing the high quality products of Young Living.

Essential oils are a huge part of my wellness routine and massage practice, as each oil I use is custom blended to for very specific purposes. Through diffusing them into the air, the surround us and provide comfort and support. Through directly applying them to the skin with massage, they become part of us as they enter our blood stream. Some essential oils can also be taken internally, however please consult your practitioner. 

On this page, custom blended products are also available for purchase. If you are looking to improve your skin, heal scars, emotional support, better digestion, or higher vibrations in general custom blends will do the job!

Custom Blended Products:

As part of my practice, I combine all of my knowledge to custom blend skin care, sprays, and roll ons to using Young Living oils, NES Health technology, and herbs. This can treat pain, muscle tightness, emotional stress, etc.


Additional herbs and oils that can be used are Arnica, Comfrey, St. John's Wort, Calendula oil, Baobob oil, and Hemp/CBD oil. Each of these have their own medicinal properties and are great for nourishing the skin, reducing pain, stress, and healing scar tissue.