Welcome to Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique!

QHHT is for anybody from any background, physical makeup, or belief system to explore levels of awareness that are often associated with past and future lives, intuition, higher selves, Superconsciousness, etc.

This is a profound technique whereby the facilitator (Edward Hoppe) guides you to the deepest state of relaxation where the memories and experiences from your Subconscious emerge. Edward's role is as in investigator joining you on the journey into consciousness.

The most relevant stories or life time memories are brought forward for you to observe and gain perspective from your higher self - in this way each session will reveal exactly the information that will help you in the best way. The importance of this information is that it helps you understand the 'why' to your current experiences/patterns and generate the awareness that propels your forwards past your current perceived restrictions.

This is an experience that will influence the rest of your life as you will now become aware of yourself on a whole different level. 


History of QHHT?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniqueâ„  (QHHT®) is a powerful method developed and perfected by Dolores Cannon over her 45 years of practice in hypnotherapy. Dolores considered herself a researcher of lost knowledge and wrote over 19 books on the content which was revealed during her sessions. These topics cover a wide range of metaphysical topics such as Jesus and Nostradamus, as well as Extraterrestrials, UFOs, the origins of life, and The Source of all creation.

QHHT involves bringing an individual into the deepest level of trance through visualization. Clients often remain conscious during a session although some become completely immersed in the experience and become the personality of their previous life. Contrary to what one might this, this level of consciousness is a very natural level which is available to you all the time and you ordinarily experience it in dream states. A session can feel a lot like just taking a nap as you relax and allow the images and memories to surface to the conscious awareness.

A typical session can last a few hours depending on what comes up. It begins with an interview of the client and their life story. The client brings a list of questions that are most relevant to them and any difficulties they want clarification on (further detail below). These questions are what you would ask your higher self to gain insight and you would be surprised how easy it is to access them!



Price for a session is $300. 



How to Prepare for Your Session

1) Realize your intention. Acknowledge that it IS WITHIN your reach to gain unlimited access to the information you need.

2) Write a list of questions to bring with you which are relevant to anything you would like to know about your journey. They can include but not be limited to health, relationships, life path, and spiritual goals.

3) Get a good nights sleep the night before. 

4) No alcohol or recreational drugs for 24 hours prior to the session. This technique is all about you and your ability to discover your true self without the use of help from external substances.

5) Eat a light snack before the session. Eating during the session is counter productive so don't be hungry!

6) Drink coffee in the am if you are used to doing so, but no more than one cup as it is a stimulant and may interfere with the relaxation/hypnotic state. Drink water so you are not dehydrated. Hydration does influence your sense of intuition and knowing as it is important for communication within the body.

7) Know that when you've arrived as this point, you are ready to receive the healing you came for. Take a walk in nature without distractions. Come home to your body through your awareness. Trust the process and let go of expectations.

8) Dress comfortably with loose clothing, minimum amounts of jewelry and go easy on the mascara. Tears are very common, they are “release mechanisms” and are most welcome.

9) You don't need anything external such as stones to augment the results of this journey as you wont be taking them with you where ever you go.



Julia Cannon: Can you be Healed?


Words from Suzanne Spooner