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NES Health is a system designed to detect and correct distortions in your Human Body-Field!

The Human Body-Field is also known as the energetic blueprint for our physical body and contains all of the instructions for function. When disruption happens on this level due to energetic pollution, stress, and stuck emotional patterns, blockages occur that can become chronic issues.

Treatments encompass rounds of liquid remedies called Infocueticles that imprint the correct information in your body field to restore distorted information and allow healing to take place. This can lead to increased energy in the body, emotional well being, and increased physical health!

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Packages start at $200 for the initial treatment. This includes the first round of infoceuticles, first scan, MiHealth Treatment and introduction to the Bioenergetic Wellness System.

Additional treatments include Bioenergetic Bodywork/Massage


What is NES (Neutri-Energetic Systems) Health?


What is Bioenergetics?

BioEnergetics is the detection and correction of energy in living systems.

Modern technology has given scientists access to map out the human body field with great accuracy. 

Through correcting misalignments in the energy field, it is possible to treat the cause of fatigue, pain, emotional stress, and dis-ease of the body.

NES offers long term relief to chronic health issues by correcting the distortions and allowing the body to heal itself!





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Do you want to learn more?

Did you know that your body is a self-healing, self correcting machine and that dysfunction happens when your cells no longer receive the correct information from your body's energetic field? This energy field is the blueprint which instructs the chemical and cellular processes in the body! Due to environmental toxins and daily stress, little by little, we pick up distortions in our fields that can end up having a long term effect on the physical body. 

As a bioenergetic Practitioner, I use NES to correct the distortions in the body's energy field. For thousands of years, many cultures have had knowledge of such an energetic system and have called it by many names. With the exploration of physics, it is understood that at the highest level, we are all energy beings. And such, we require medicine that can make corrections on that level.

Modern medicine was build upon the idea that we are only physical beings with a chemical nature. They use pharmaceuticles (synthetic chemicals) to manipulate the body's chemistry that may provide a temporary solution. Many who subscribe to this idea forget about the innate healing powers of the body. While such an approach may work for short term illnesses, it is not effective in long term disease.

How does NES Treat the Body-field? Imagine that the body-field as a jigsaw puzzle. The physical body follows the image of the puzzle or blueprint. When distortions happen in the field (or the puzzle gets scrambled), they become mirrored in the physical body. Through NES Technology, we organize the puzzle which give the body the correct information to function! This means treating the cause of dysfunction!