Did you know that your body is a self-healing, self correcting machine and that dysfunction in the body happens when your cells no longer receive the correct information from your body's energy field?

As a NES Health (bioenergetic) Practitioner, I correct the distortions in the body's energy field. The NES Technology builds upon the 5000 year old Chinese medicine and combines it with the most recent understanding and technological advances of physical science. This works by guiding the body to function the way it is designed to do. Through giving it the corrective information, the body naturally heals itself of pain, emotional/physical trauma, and gives you energy for life! The process is describe below:

1) Free virtual 20min Consultation: This consultation can be done via skype, phone call, etc. It is a discussion about what NES Health System is, how it works, and what you can expect from a treatment! Visit the "schedule appointment" tab to let me know what day/time works best for you!    

2) Initial consultation/treatment: 

A) Covers the first body scan, discussion of the scan and how it works, a treatment with the miHealth device, and your order of the first set of Infoceuticles.

B) Optional: If you are confident in your decision to try NES, jump directly to step 3 without discussion of the scan.  

3) Additional 15min or 30min treatments includes a scan and treatment with the miHeath device and can be a great add on for a massage/bodywork session of your choice.

4) Distant healing treatments: as part of a membership, you purchase a scanner or miHealth device to scan/treat yourself. I evaluate the scan results and order your recommended infoceuticles. From there, a skype or phone consultations is available to discuss steps in your Healing Journey.

5) Adding massage: visit the "Bioenergetic Bodywork" tab to view packages on massage combo's that complement the NES Health treatments!

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**Bio/energetics: the detection and correction of energy in living systems. 

**The Human Body-Field(HBF):

[SHORT STORY] the master blueprint which directs our body's energetic and chemical makeup/activity. When pieces of this blueprint are distored, the physical body no longer received the correct information to function and heal itself. 

[LONG STORY] It is an intelligent, self-directed energetic structure that acts as a master control mechnism for all functions including chemical reactions, movements of Qi, emotions, mental abilities, coordinating and so on. The state of the HBF has a direct correlations with physical, mental, and emotional health. Activity within our cells is responsible for generating the HBF, and the HBF is responsible for providing an environment where cells can flourish. The two are interdependent.

We are constantly bombarded with toxic environments and stress that wreak havok on our health and vitality. This can leave markers in your energetic-physical makeup that, without you being aware, affect your mental capabilities, emotional stability, and physical health. When you work on problems from a bioenergetic stand point, you are giving your body the information it needs to heal itself. The body is a machine that has the innate ability and wisdom to heal itself. When we consider this, truly miraculous healings can occur. 

1) NES Health (Nutri-Energetics Systems), is pioneering this twenty-first century health revolution. Founded by Peter Fraser and Harry Massey. It builds on the ageless knowledge which respects the body's innate ability to heal itself (a fact that runs agains the very paradigm of our current health care system).

2) NES is designed to test for and correct energy blocks in the human body field called distortions. These distortions can manifest into physical pain, emotional stress, and potentially dis-ease of the body. Restoring communication brings immediate health results that lead to a balanced and healthy life!

3) In a simple and non-invasive yet incredibly detailed testing process, computerized testing scans the body field and pin-points distortions in the order that the body wishes to address them. It covers everything from bio-electric field to emotional shocks one has been holding on to. It is uncanny how accurate these readings are. 

4) Infoceuticals are liquid remedies that have been imprinted with specific cellular instructions. The information is programmed into colloidal minerals contained within the water, through a process called IMPRINTING that occurs in a 10,000 volt electric field.

5) The MiHealth Device is an electronic device that uses pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) with global scaling to unblock distortions in the body field while, at the same time, having a re-energizing effect.  

6) This practice is revolutionizing the way we think about health. It is not designed to diagnose or treat disease. Instead it treats the cause of any imbalance within the body and gives it the formation it needs to heal itself.

7) Because of it's potence it makes a wonderful addition to any practice but can be a stand alone health protocol to restore balance in the body without the need of other treatments.


8) A NES Health Consultation consists of a 10 second scan. A optional discussion of the first scan is available however not required.

9) Within the first session, the main energetic deficiencies will be treated and a protocol will be recommended based on the scan.

10( From there, a variety of therapies can be used in conjunction to NES Technology be it massage, aromatherapy techniques, sound therapy, or microcurrent(electroacupuncture)

11) NES Health guides the body to heal itself. This process takes place immediately and can take days or weeks to return the body to the optimum state of health that you desire. Various treatment options are available that can be more gentle or vigorous depending on what your body can handle.