About Edward Hoppe​​​​​​

My mission is to bring healing to this world by working directly with the mind, body, and spirit of each individual that comes to my table. I practice various modalities to facilitate this process. As you continue to look through these tabs, may you find what resonates most with you.

I began practicing massage therapy in 2016 after years of learning and teaching anatomy and physiology. My desire to know the intricacies of the body grew stronger and soon I became interested in the healing arts. At the time, I was studying pre-medical sciences but later came to the conclusion that the world does not need more doctors but rather guides as we move through this turbulent era of transformation. Reality is that your body's ability to heal is greater than the limits of any belief system. I set forth to discover the many alternative modalities that match the design of your body and allow it to heal itself - this is my true passion. 

How I started working with NES Health: I have always had the intense desire to know more about the body's energy field. Some people call it the aura and there are many ancient philosophies which accurately describe the nature of the body's energy. Recently, the principles of Quantum Physics have allowed us to understand the Human Body Field(HBF) and work directly with it through technology. NES Health implements a technology that assesses and corrects the HBF. Because our energy consists of many layers, it can be difficult for the mind to comprehend, however a simple analogy would be that the HBF acts as the master blueprint for the physical and emotional body. Our bodies must make decisions based on an immeasurable amount of input that it receives on an energetic level. Some input can be very harmful and some is very helpful. When we give our energy fields the correct information to function then it restores itself to it's true energetic potential much faster.

How I started working Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique(QHHT): many of us seek to understand our reality better in order to become more enlightened, loving, and happy human beings. I first listened to Dolores Cannon talk when I was online looking for topics of Near Death Experiences and topics relating to other unexplainable (by science) phenomena. Everything she said resonated very deeply with me and I felt a desire to learn more. It took about a year of reading some of her books to finally sign up for a class and travel to Arkansas for the level 1 experience. I instantly fell in love with the beautiful energy that is associated with this technique and have been using it in my practice with amazing results. I am now a level 2 practitioner. This technique acknowledges the very simple fact that "all answers are within." QHHT very quickly allows people to access the part of themselves that is always there in the background and contains all the information of everything we've ever experienced. Sometimes experiences stay stuck with us until we finally look at them from a different perspective. From there we can attain the healing. What we call our intuition is really just a keyhole to the door of accessing this infinite wisdom that we all possess. When we allow ourselves to open that door, many new possibilities for healing can begin.

It is my pleasure to share these modalities with you!