There is no greater time to be alive then right now! In this present moment!

We are now experiencing a time when the world is making great changes and a shift in consciousness is occurring. People are realizing the importance of their health and are starting to question the information that is being fed to them through social media, television, radio, etc. More and more, people are becoming more aware of their choices regarding their health and well being. The time for looking within and seeking the inner healer is now. As to create the reality we want to see in the world, we must seek healing!

Last year, I created my first business called Timeless Touch Massage & Bodywork. It was created with the intention to give people the space they need to have a quality therapeutic experience. This business is continually growing and I offer a wide variety of therapies that help to create that positive internal environment.

What brought me to massage and bodywork?

I come from a background in science and understanding the body on a very integral and mechanical level. This curiosity only grew as I continually looked for the relationship between our physical reality and the energetic. Eventually, I decided that I wanted to access the unlimited part of me that is composed of love and light. This internal journey has opened up avenues of exploration and has lead me down many paths and explored numerous modalities. 

I am honored to share this art of healing and opportunities for health!